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Media package: Clinical Pictures

A filmic portrait based on a literary rarity - an autobiography already published as a printed edition with the title “Here is my Life” - written and experienced by Herbert Offenhuber. Herbert is 54 years old and has Down's syndrome.


A day in Herbert's life, today, here and now: painting and crafting in the design workshop in Bludenz where he is engaged, shopping for clothes and a visit to a café with his trustee, buying fruit and chatting at the market stall, all self-reliant, a trip with friends to the higher reaches of the Vorarlberg Alps with the best panorama and stunning views, overlooking his birthplace Nenzing down in the valley …

… and also a day full of memories, short episodic stories about the many ups and downs of his life, astonishment and thoughtful considerations about the way things work … amusingly and in a touching way put forward by Herbert himself, accompanied by his harmonious improvisations on the accordion, introduced from the printed original by his workmate Sybille Grafl. 



Type: DVD, streaming

Length: 15 min.

Production year: 2012

Provision: Media Service/ Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture 



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