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Media Packages:  Our Europe – Urban Development

Brussels is the political center of Europe. In addition to facts about politics, economy and culture the film aims to put forward the entity of this metropolis. French fries, football, pralines, Grand'Place, comics, Ommegang, dance theater and rainy weather are often associated with Brussels. But the city is also a melting pot of different cultures, not only European ones. Tolerance and appreciation are required for cohabiting together which works fine in Brussels since almost every ethnic group is a minority. The film also tries to get to the bottom of the goals of diverse political efforts made in the past which finally lead to installing the European Convention on Human Rights. Constant commitment and creative energies are required to achieve and keep peace, freedom and democracy as well as equal rights, a heard and counted voice and a good life for everyone. 



Introduction - 2' 10''

Multicultural places - 3' 34''

Work, life and cultures - 3' 43''

Ommegang – Annual festival in historical costumes - 6'25 ''

The European District at Rond-point Schuman - 3'35 '' 


Type: DVD

Length: 20 min.

Production year: 2015

Provision: Media Service/ Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women 



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